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Silage Production Project - Sudan


Project Objectives

  • The project aims cultivate 10 K Feddan of maize in two seasons (summer and winter) for the production 250 K tons of silage fodder annually.
  • Contribute to filling the local market needs for fodder crops of high value livestock production and increase the added value of meat and milk production.

Project Rationale

  • High cost of imported silage (USD 20 million).
  • AAAID Successful experiments of silage production and for other companies.

Project Site

West Omdurman and North Kordofan on an area of 15k Feddan in the land allocated to the Red Meat integrated Project.

Investment Cost

The Investment cost is expected to be USD 11.3 million.

Current Project Status

The feasibility study is completed and the project is at the promotion stage.