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Latest Press Releases

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AAAID Attracts Tunisian Investors to Sudan
12 Dec 2016

The food-processing sector is one of AAAID’s main areas of activity and represents approximately 53% of its total investments. The sector includes sugar and oil processing along with other food industries.

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AAAID President witnesses the harvest of 1,000 acres of groundnuts in the Fedasi Halimab Project
8 Dec 2016

To reinforce AAAID’s role in the field of sustainable development particularly in rural agricultural communities. AAAID launched an initiative in 2008 to establish a Revolving Loan Fund for small-scale producers in its member ...

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AAAID Participates in SIAL Middle East 2016
7 Dec 2016

SIAL Middle East is considered one of the fastest growing events globally in the food and beverage and hospitality sector in the region. It is characterized by extensive participation from institutions and companies that are ...

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AAAID’s participates in the German-Sudanese Business Forum
3 Dec 2016

AAAID is keen to create strong relations with the private and public sectors with the goal of contributing to the reinforcement of Arab food security and elevating agricultural investment in Sudan and all Arab countries.
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His Excellency AAAID President Explores potential expansion of AAAID Investments in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2016

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of AAAID’s largest shareholders, with approximately 5,079 capital shares. Further, AAAID holds shares in a number of fishery and poultry companies and in investments in the animal processing ...

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Food Security Discussions Convene Gulf and Turkish Investors
3 Nov 2016

Countries have clearly defined strategies for the achievement and sustainability of food security on a national level. AAAID realizes the necessity of the existence of these strategies particularly in water scarce regions and ...

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His Excellency The Ambassador of The Republic of Tunisia visits AAAID President
31 Oct 2016

His Excellency Imad Al-Rahmooni- the Ambassador of Tunisia in Khartoum paid a visit to His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei, AAAID President in the Authority’s Headquarters in Khartoum on October 25, 2016. The visit ...

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Research, Technology and Agricultural Applications convene the Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils and AAAID President
26 Oct 2016

AAAID continuously strives to establish new relations and to sustain engagement and constructive action with Scientific and Research Centers and Unions in support of scientific research activity that contribute to the ...

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AAAID President welcomes His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Khartoum
26 Oct 2016

AAAID continuously aims to strengthen relations with private, public sector and international organizations related to the reinforcement of food security to enhance agricultural investments in the Republic of Sudan and all the ...

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AAAID and the State of North Kordofan Sign a Memorandum of Understanding Framework
25 Oct 2016

AAAID continuously aims to strengthen cooperation ties with private, public sector and international organizations concerned with the reinforcement of food security. This is with the purpose of enhancing agricultural ...

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Promising AAAID Investments in the Republic of Tunisia
24 Oct 2016

Agriculture is a main pillar of the Tunisian economy, contributing to the GDP by approximately 9% through its effective contribution to the achievement of food security. The Republic of Tunisia’s shareholding in AAAID is one ...

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2 Million USD : AAAID’s Contribution in Small-scale Agricultural Projects and Programs in Jordan
5 Oct 2016

AAAID launched an initiative in 2008 to establish a Revolving Loan Fund for small-scale producers in Arab member states with a suggested Capital of 100 million USD. AAAID’s contribution is $10 million with the goal of ...

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AAAID’s Board of Directors holds its 3rd meeting for the year 2016
30 Sep 2016

AAAID’s Board of Directors held its 3rd meeting for the year 2016 in the Authority’s regional office in Dubai, UAE on Thursday 29th September headed by His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid AL Mazrooei, Chairman and President of ...

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AAAID participates in the Sudanese-Chinese Investment Food Reinforcement Forum 2016, 21-24 September 2016
29 Sep 2016

His Excellency Mr.Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrooei, AAAID President participated in the Sudanese-Chinese Investment Food Reinforcement Forum 2016 in Khartoum on the 21-24 September 2016. The Forum was held in the presence of His ...

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Areas of Cooperation between AAAID and The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria in the Field of Agricultural Investment
5 Sep 2016

The agricultural sector in Algeria a strategic component of the national economy and constitutes 10.1% of the Gross Domestic Product and the irrigated area is estimated at 197.835 Hectares. Algeria also owns an animal resource ...

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