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Kenana Sugar Company (KSC)

Kenana Sugar Company (KSC)

Location : Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Sugar




White Nile State; 250 km South of Khartoum.

Shareholders  :

 Paid up capital is SDG 0.561 million and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage
AAAID  05.59%

Government of Sudan

Kuwaiti Investment Authority 30.64%
Government of Saudi Arabia 10.97%
Others 17.47%


Main Activities:

Growing sugar cane, production of refined sugar and related products.

Production Capacity:

  • - Refined sugar: 400,000 tons /year.
    - Fodder: 44,000 tons /year.
    - Ethanol: 60 Million liters/ year.
    - Electricity:115 MW.
    - Poultry meat: 4 million Kg/ year.

Future Investment plan:

  • Achieving the maximum production capacity at an investment cost of USD 300 Million.
  • Required Finance:

  •  USD 300 Million.

Invesmtent Opportunities:

  1. Provision of equity finance to reach the maximum production capacity through the implementation of the rehabilitation plan.
  2. Provision of medium and short-term loans to finance machinery, spare parts and raw materials.
  3. Injection of capital into the company’s new projects under establishment or implementation.