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Elbagair Red Meat (ERM) (Under implementation)

Elbagair Red Meat (ERM) (Under implementation)

Location : Sudan

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Meat production


The project was established in 2015 in Al-Baquir area in Khartoum and there is coordination with the Sudanese Land Authority to allocate site in West Omdurman for the project.

Objectives and Production:
The aim is to narrow gap in red meat demand in the Arab countries through the establishment of an integrated project for the fattening, production, butchery, marketing and exporting of red meat (live animals, beef cuts and meat products), with excellent quality standards and at the following annual capacities:
• Fattening 500,000 live sheep for Hadi and export.
• Fattening and preparation of 150,000 sheep for the local market and export.
• Fattening and preparation of 45,000 calves for the local market and export.
• Allocating 15,000 calves for meat processing.
Capital and Shareholders:

The project share capital is about USD 38.59, Million and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Elbagair Red Meat (ERM)
Tel: 00249122988546   |     00249187096218     
Fax: 00249183772600
Email: eredmeat@aaaid.orgermsudan.16@gmail.com
Elbagair – Khartoum –Republic of Sudan