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Bubiyan Fisheries Company

Bubiyan Fisheries Company

Location : Kuwait

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Meat production


Established in 1985. Commercial production started in 1987. The farm lies in Doha area on Kuwait bay, some 30 km from Kuwait city. It owns  7 sales outlets, warehouses and a number of boats and vehicles. 

Objectives and Production:
Production capacity is about 400 tons of different kinds of fishes a year. Activities include:
• Production of Sibaiti fish in aquarium farms.
• Fishing shrimps and other kinds of fishes.
• Importation, processing and marketing of fishes locally and for export.
The activities of the company now restricted to the production and sales of fishes through the exhibitions of the company.
Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and fully paid up capital is about Kuwaiti Dinars 500,000 and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Bubian Fisheries Company
P.O. Box 27467 Safat
Postal Code: 13135
Tel: 0096522456087
Fax: 0096522456085
Email: bubiyan_fisheries@hotmail.com 
Safat, Kuwait