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Arab Company for Production and Preservation of Crops

Arab Company for Production and Preservation of Crops

Location : Egypt

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Food Production




Al-Minya Province – Egypt.


Authorized capital is EGP 150 Million and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed al-Ramli



Government Institutions and Banks and Private Investors 15.78

Main Activities:

Drying , preserving , processing and packaging of agricultural produce in addition to manufacturing of medical derivatives and medicines, processing and packaging of shrubs tea and other medical and food supplements .

Production Capacities:

4,250 tons/year.

Future Investment Plan:

A consultant for restructuring and rehabilitating the company prepared a study. It includes an operational plan to exploit the full available capacity and complete the second production line.
Required Finance: 20 Million Egyptian pound.

Investment Opportunities:

  1. Strategic partnership with a specialized company in order to utilize the unused capacity.
  2. To expand the company activities, and to export its products to the targeted markets.
  3. To participate in completing the second production line (Onions & tomato dry line).