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Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company (ASVOC)

Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company (ASVOC)

Location : Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Vegetable Oil




Khartoum North-Industrial Area

Shareholders  :

Paid up capital is SDG 168 Million and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage


Government of Sudan 12%


Main Activities:

Production of vegetable oils, cake, soap and glycerin.

Production Capacity:

The plant consists of a number of production lines:
- Oil seeds crushing: 75,000 tons/year.
- Refinery: 18,000 tons/year.
- Packaging: Two packaging lines with 20 Thousand tons/year/capacity.
- Soap & raw Glycerin production: 8000 tons of soap/year & 600 tons of Glycerin/year.

Invesmtent Opportunities:

  1. Provide operational capital for full utilization of the project capacities.
  2. Introduce solvent extraction techniques.
  3. To achieve integration through the establishment of an agricultural project or contract farming for raw material supply.
  4. Purchase part of AAAID’s share in the company’s capital.