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Arab Poultry Production and Processing Company

Arab Poultry Production and Processing Company

Location : Sudan

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Meat production


2004 after the separation from the Arab Company for Production and Agricultural Processing.


Khartoum State –Taiba Hasanab.

Shareholders  :

Paid up capital is about SDG 19.84 Million and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage



Government of the Republic of Sudan

Government of Saudi Arabia 12.5
Government of Kuwait 12.5
Government of Iraq 12.5


Main Activities:

Poultry meat and table eggs.

Production Capacity:

• Maternal farms (12) a barn of 50 thousand chick produces about 4.5 Million egg hatching annually.
• Poultry farming with a production capacity of 4.4 Million chick.
• The layers section with production capacity of 15 Million table eggs / year.
• The hatchery with 12 incubators and 4 hatches, with capacity of 5 million-chick per year
• Slaughterhouse and contains a freezing room and refrigerated storage stores with a capacity of 3000 birds per hour.
• The milling factory, which has a production capacity of 10 tons / hour, consists of 3 silos with a storage capacity of 6 thousand tons in addition to external warehouses and administrative building

Future Business Plan:

A study has been prepared aiming to raise production to about 7.5 thousand tons by the end of 2020 and about 10 Thousand tons in the year 2026 in addition to doubling the production of table eggs to about 30 Million eggs and poultry meat processing. With investment cost estimated at USD 21.8 million.

Financial indicators of the restructuring study: 

• IRR: 26%
• Equity yearly growth: 44%
• Net working capital growth: 41%

Invesmtent Opportunities:

Participation or contribution to provide financing to expand the company's activity in order to raise production capacity through modernization of the system and the establishment of parents and broilers pens.