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Arab Poultry & Cattle Equipment Company (APCECO)

Arab Poultry & Cattle Equipment Company (APCECO)

Location : UAE

Sector : Agricultural Processing Sector

Sub-Sector : Equipment manufacturing


The company was established in 1992 in al-Fujairah area, UAE and its commercial production commenced in 2005. 

Objectives and Production:

Mainly operates in the assembling and manufacturing of different components of poultry and cattle equipment, especially ground feeding system products.

Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized and fully paid capital is UAE Dirhams 50 Million. Shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Arab Company for Poultry and Livestock Equipment 
Tel: 0097192233111
Fax: 0097192231958
Email: apceco@emirates.net.ae  |   eslam@apceco.ae
Web Site: www.apceco.ae 
Al-Fujairah, UAE