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Arab Fisheries Company

Arab Fisheries Company

Location : KSA

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Meat production


1979 and began its production activity in 1984.




Paid up capital is SAR 65.4 Million and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage



Government of Saudi Arabia

Government of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 08.58%
Government of Republic of the Sudan 05.18%
Government of State of Kuwait 04.77%
Government of State of Qatar 04.77%
Other Countries 09.01%

Main Activities:

Farm, produce, process, freeze, store and market multiple species of fish in Arab countries.

Production Capacities:

Annual capacity of 2,236 tons of fish and 420 tons of shrimps. 

Re-habilitation plan:

A French expert office was commissioned to prepare a study of the company's conditions and to develop an operational plan for it. 

Investment Cost:

28.4 SAR Million

Financial Indicators:

- NPV: 3.4 SAR Million
- IRR: 47%
- Payback period : 3 years 
- The investment cost is SAR 28.4 Million

Required Finance: 

The required finance is SAR  17.5  million.

Investment Opportunities:

  1. Participate in or contribute to the existing activity to exploit the full production capacity of the Khairat El-Behar Arabian Holding Company, Jeddah and benefit from the privileges enjoyed by the company in all the Arab countries and agreements for investment in fish farming, fishing and processing in the Arab countries.
  2. Contribution to the new projects expected in Yemen, Mauritania and Egypt.