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Arab Company for Meat (under implementation)

Arab Company for Meat (under implementation)

Location : Mauritania

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Meat production


The shareholders agreement was signed early 2018, The Company was registered in 2019 and currently there is coordination with the Mauritanian Ministry of Veterinary Affairs to allocate a site for the project near the production areas in the state of Naama and the state of Lebaracna.

Objectives and Production:
  • • The project aims at production of healthy meat according to the latest methods that meet the international health requirements to be able to export to external markets.
    • The project annual capacity is 30,000 head of cows, 60,000 head of goats and sheep.
Capital and Shareholders:

The Authorized capital is Mauritanian Ouguiya 177 Million, and shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Arabic Company for Meat / Mauritania
Tel: 00-222-263083856
Email:  meniht@gmail.com