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Arab Company for Crop Production

Arab Company for Crop Production

Location : Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Crop and Vegetables Production


Established in 2003 near Atbara town, River Nile State, 300 KM to the North of Khartoum city with a total farm area of 20,000 feddans, irrigated from the Nile.

Objectives and Production:
  • Production and exportation of about 100 thousand tons of dried alfalfa.
  • Production of about 10 thousand tons of feed Rhodes.
  • Production of about 5 thousand tons of maize crop.
  • Production of about 4.5 thousand tons of wheat crop.
Capital and Shareholders:

Authorized capital is US$ 30 million and paid up capital is US$ 26.7 million.
Shareholders are:

Contact Address:

Arab Company for Crop Production / Republic of Sudan
P.O. Box: 2102 -Khartoum
Tel: 00249211820521
Fax: 00249211820510
Email: accp.agri@yahoo.com 
Atbara, Republic of Sudan