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Arab Company for Agricultural Services (Rosso)

Arab Company for Agricultural Services (Rosso)

Location : Mauritania

Sector : Services Sector

Sub-Sector : Agricultural Services


November 2013.


Rosso- in 3200 hectares in Dar Albarak – Lbrakenh Region.


The total capital is US $ 8.24 Million, and paid-up is US $ 4.24 Million. AAAID is the sole owner of the project

Main Activities:

  • - Integrated agricultural services.
    - Rehabilitation of land.
    - Rental of heavy machinery and agricultural equipment.
    - Production of various agricultural crops and vegetables.
    - Provision of harvesting services.
    - Provision of inputs for agricultural production (fertilizers, pesticides and plants).

Available Production Capacities:

• Completion of the project in the first phase on an area of about 650 hectares, with a production capacity of about 12 thousand tons / year as follows:
• Cultivation of 50 hectares of greenhouses to produce 4000 tons / year of vegetables as follows:
- Tomatoes 2500 tons / year.
- The melon is 1250 tons / year.
- Green beans 250 tons / year.
• Cultivation of 500 hectares of fruit (mango) with a production capacity of 7500 tons / year starting from the third year.
• Research Station in 15-hectare seed-breeding plant to multiply seeds of potatoes and rice.
• 85 ha for roads and buildings
• Sorting and packing capacity of 10 thousand tons / year.
• Refrigerated transport unit 4 refrigerated trucks with a capacity of 20 tons / unit.

The Project Feasibility Study:

• Investment cost: Approved by the project implementation option in two phases of 14.8 Million Dollars, phase one costs have been estimated at $4 Million and the project feasibility study reveals the following financial indicators:
- Internal rate of return (IRR) is 55%.
- Net present value (NPV)  of $ 17.6 million.
- Pay Back period: 3 years and 3 months
• The cost of implementing phase one will be financed by increasing the company's capital by 27% during the first year and 73% will be self-financing from the company's cash flows.

Investment Opportunities:

Participation in the company capital to expand its activity.