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Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing

Arab Company for Agricultural Production and Processing

Location : Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Crop and Vegetables Production


Gazira State

Shareholders  :

Paid Up capital is about SDG 72,000 and shareholders are:


Contribution percentage



Government of the Republic of Sudan

Government of Saudi Arabia 12.5
Government of Kuwait 12.5
Government of Iraq 12.5


Main Activities:

Production of milk, starch and glucose.

Production Capacity:

Wet milling technology for the production of starch, glucose, feed and maize, with a production capacity of 150 tons/day through three lines:

  • Starch production line of 33 tons. 
  • Glucose production line of 66 tons.
  • Animal feed production line (fibers + gluten) of 42 tons / day.

Agricultural land area of 5500 acres for the cultivation of green fodder.
Five cowsheds for dairy cows and fattening of calves for about 5000 cows.
Cooling unit for milk and refrigerated transportation.
Stores for concentrated feed (900 tons).
Tanks for keeping molasses (150 tons).
Dry feed stores with a capacity of 500 tons.
Dairy factory: 80 tons / day.

Future Investment Plan:

Rehabilitation of Starch and Glucose Plant at an average cost of about € 9 Million and re-operating the plant at an estimated cost of about $ 11 million, estimated by a specialized expert house.

Invesmtent Opportunities:

Participating or contributing to the provision of funding for the following:

  1. Rehabilitation, modernization and operation of the plant and the introduction of modern packing and packaging systems.
  2. Establishment of a project to cultivate 20,000 feddans to provide maize.