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Al Mutamayiza for Vegetables and Crop Production

Al Mutamayiza for Vegetables and Crops Production

Location : Sudan

Sector : Agricultural Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Crop and Vegetables Production




10 km South-East of Khartoum. 

Shareholders  :

Subscribed capital is SDG 24.7 million and shareholders are: 


Contribution percentage



Government of the Republic of Sudan

Government of Saudi Arabia 12.50%
Government of Kuwait 12.50%
Government of Iraq 12.50%


Main Activities:

Processing, packaging and marketing of vegetables and fruits collected from contract farmers.

Production Capacity:

  • - Refrigerated storage: 2,500 tons.
    - Three lines of processing, grading and packaging.
    - Seven irrigation sprinklers, 16 greenhouse and agricultural machineries and equipment.

Future Business Plan:

Project investment cost is estimated at SDG 57 Million.

Financial Indicators:

- IRR : 21%
- Payback period : 2 years and 6 months.

Required Finance:

Equity finance is estimated at SDG 24.7 million and Loan finance estimated at SDG 32.2 Million.

Invesmtent Opportunities:

  1. To participate in the capital increase.
  2. To engage in operational partnership to implement the re-operation plan.
  3. Provision of the required loan to carry out the re-operation plan.