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Al Marga for Cattle and Agricultural Development Company

Al Marga for Cattle and Agricultural Development Company

Location : Tunisia

Sector : Animal Production Sector

Sub-Sector : Dairy Production


Jendouba State.


Paid up capital is TND 10.46 Million and Shareholders are:


Contribution percentage



Tunisian Kuwaiti Development Bank

Others 06.67

Main Activities:

Cattle breeding, dairy production of 12 Million letters of raw milk /year, fodder crop and feed production.

Production Capacities:

3,000 head of milking cows.

1,500 head of milking goat.

4,070 Hectares for grain crops and fodder production.

29,000 olive trees.

Modern milking equipment.

Milling factory 10,000 tones/year.

Future Investment Plan:

To rehabilitate the assets of the company and to purchase 300 cows, estimated investment Cost: USD 2.15 million. 
Financial Indicators:
IRR:   11%
Payback period:   4 years  
Required Finance: USD 2.15 million.

Investment Opportunities:

Provision of finance require for the company rehabilitation plan.