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Agricultural services

The small-scale farmers sector in Arab countries is considered an important contributor to agricultural production. Its contribution constitutes more than 75% of the Total Agricultural Production in both the irrigation and rain-fed sectors. Therefore, AAAID has given this segment the required consideration and continuous support with the purpose of raising its productive capacity, improving their livelihoods and increasing its percentage contribution to agricultural production.

AAAID’s efforts in this regard have been manifested in the provision of agricultural services to the small-scale farmer sector through the following mechanisms:

  • The entrance of some of AAAID’s affiliated companies into contracts with small-scale farmers to provide their raw material needs and to ensure sufficient input quantity and quality. To reinforce the companies’ relations with small-scale farmers, AAAID’s affiliated companies provides agricultural services in the form of modified seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and provision of technical support. These companies include Al-Fayoom Sugar Works Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Sudanese seeds company, the Sudanese Arab Company for Agriculture in the Blue Nile, Agadi in the Republic of Sudan, The Arab Cooperative Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Iraqi Milk Production Company in Iraq. 
  • AAAID has established a Trust Fund that is directly concerned with providing finance in an integrated package that includes various types of agricultural services to small-scale farmers and rural women. The activities of the Trust Fund have included tens of service and guidance programs that have been directly financed by AAAID.
  • In addition, AAAID has established specialized companies that work in the service sector to provide various agricultural services and has given priority to areas in most need of those services. This is done with the objective of achieving sustainable rural development. AAAID established the Arab Company for Agricultural Services in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, which is wholly owned by the Authority and contributed in the establishment of Al Muzdana Zero-tillage Company in Sudan.